Take Note

An exploration of note-taking in Harvard University Collections



Title Yearsort ascending Place
Sketch for Piano Concerto with Selected Orchestra 1985 (ca.)

New York, NY

Byzantine hymns and liturgies recorded in a monastery on Patmos 1960

Patmos, Greece

Elizabeth David's "Italian Cooking" crosses the Atlantic 1956-1958

London, England;
New York, NY

Rival commentators on Rollo May's "Man's Search for Himself" 1953

New York, NY

Richard Frye documents his research in Baluchistan,1951-1952 1951-1952

Baluchistan, Iran

  • Page 28
Béla Bartók's Concerto for Orchestra, annotated by Sir Georg Solti 1946 (ca.)

London, England;
New York, NY

  • Pages 492-493
Notes on Nakazawa 1938-1942

Tokyo, Japan;
Harvard University

Notes on Kierkegaard 1935-1942

Tokyo, Japan;
Harvard University

  • Notebook page
Field notebooks of André and Yedda Godard 1932

Marāgha, Iran

Breathing machine 1927-1928

Harvard Medical School

Class notes on "French Painting" 1922-1923

Harvard University

  • Album page
Langdon Warner Photograph Album 1920s

Wanfo Xia, China

Henry James's Date Book 1914

London, England;
Rye, England

  • Page 88
Edward Forbes Auction Sales Catalog 1914

Berlin, Germany

Sargent's Sketch of Cellini's "Perseus" 1909-1910 (ca.)

Florence, Italy

  • Page 232
Pelléas et Mélisande, “Version pour tenor” 1907

Paris, France

Diary of Alice Rich Northrop 1906


Guide for an Exhibition on Student Art 1905-1949

Harvard University

Lecture notes on color theory 1905-1949

Harvard University

Class notes on color theory 1905-1949

Harvard University

Student drawings and color study 1905-1949

Harvard University

Notations and scores for the Mariinskii Theatre production of "Giselle" 1903

St. Petersburg, Russia

Harvard Observatory Photographic Plate 1897

Arequipa, Peru

Sketchbook of Henri-Edmond Cross 1897

Paris, France

  • Page 330
Papers of Edward Gordon Craig 1893-1964

United Kingdom

A student records a 19th-century anatomy lecture 1891

Harvard Medical School

Annals of the Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College, Volume XXIV 1890

Harvard College Observatory

Edward Everett Hale’s inscriptions to Harriet E. Freeman 1887-1906

Boston, MA; New York, NY

Bilder aus der deutschen Kulturgeschichte [Scenes from German Cultural History] 1882-1887

Leipzig, Germany;
Ithaca, NY

George Lyman Kittredge's Commonplace Book 1878-1880

Harvard University

Annotations to the History of the Peloponnesian War 1875-1889

Leipzig, Germany;
Cambridge, MA

  • Dodge Class Notes 1
Class Notes of Frederic Dodge (1847-1927) 1868-1869

Harvard Law School

William James's class notes on lectures at Harvard Medical School 1866-1867

Harvard Medical School

William James's Diary and Sketchbook 1865


Diary of A. E. Verrill 1860-1862

Harvard University

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Saemtliche Werke thematisch verzeichnet 1860 (ca.)

Leipzig, Germany

Mosses from an Old Manse 1846-1850

New York, NY; Salem, MA

Voltaire in Frankfurt am Main, 1753 1846

Berlin, Germany

Classified index to specific medical periodicals 1841

Boston, MA

A Natural History of Melville’s Reading? 1839

London, England

Outline of the Sermon Preached by Ezra Ripley at the Sixtieth Anniversary of His Ordination 1838

Concord, MA

Anacharsis's Travels to Greece 1837

Boston, MA

A common place book, upon the plan recommended and practised by John Locke, Esq 1822-1840

Harvard University

Thoreau's Pencils 1821-1854

Concord, MA

Notes on Clarkson's "A Portraiture of Quakerism" 1812-1825

Charlestown, MA

Lectures upon anatomy 1783-1785

Harvard Medical School

Epitome of Mr. [Samuel] Williams's Experimental Lectures 1782

Harvard University

Lecture on the Motion and Phenomena of Heat as it respects the Earth 1782

Boston, MA

Joseph Willard's notes for a Greek grammar 1781-1803 (ca.)

Harvard University

Waterhouse family Bible 1772

Oxford, England;
Harvard Medical School

Notes on Linné's Systema Naturae 1759-1762

Cambridge, England

Samuel Locke's Commonplace Book 1755-1778

Harvard University

  • Bookplate
Elementa Iuris Civilis Secundum Ordinem Institutionum 1751

Leiden, Netherlands

  • Page 41
The Trial of the Right Honourable Richard Earl of Anglesey 1744

London, England

Copied textbook at Harvard, 1729 1729

Harvard University

Sermons of Edward Holyoke 1720-1732

Harvard University

Increase Mather's "Queries Worthy of Consideration" 1700

Harvard University

John Hancock's Commonplace Book 1687

Boston, MA

The note closet (from London, 1640s to Germany, 1689) 1640s-1689

London, England;
Hamburg, Germany

  • Page 16
Loffice et aucthoritie de iustices de peace 1584

London, England

Writing tables with a kalender for xxiiii yeres 1581

London, England

Year books (Edward IV : 1461-1470): De termino Michaelis anno primo Eduardi Quarti. 1572

London, England

Libro primero de las epistolas familiares del reuerendissimo señor don Antonio de Gueuara ... 1549

Valladolid, Spain

P. Vir. Maronis Georgica 1542-67

Paris, France

Canon medicinae 1463

Naples, Italy

Office for the anointing of the sick 1450 (ca.)

Nuremberg, Germany

Expositio in artem veterem Porphyrii et Aristotelis 1442

Oxford, England

  • Page 98, verso
Registrum brevium 1380 (ca.)

Great Britain

Aesop's fables and other secular works in Italian 1380 (ca.)


鷹繪圖 Takaezu 1328-1709


鷹口傳 Taka kuden 1328-1709


Commentary on Peter Lombard 1300 (ca.)

Paris, France

Antiphonary 1200 (ca.)

Western Germany

Leviticus with the ordinary gloss 1150-1175 (ca.)

Admont, Austria

Papyrus listing clothes (ca.) 275-399

Oxyrhynchus, Egypt

Second-century ostracon (ca.) 200-300

Elephantine, Egypt