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28. Class Notes of Frederic Dodge (1847-1927)

Doodles and depositions
Dodge Class Notes 1

Frederic Dodge

Harvard Law School, 1868-1869

Frederic Dodge (1847-1927) attended the Harvard Law School for one year, from 1868 to 1869. During that year he filled three small, slender notebooks with meticulous notes of his classes. He dated each lecture, noted the professor (including HLS luminaries Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. and Emory Washburn), and carefully recorded citations to cases mentioned in class. In this respect his notes resemble many of the almost 200 sets of HLS class notes in the Law Library’s Historical & Special Collections. What sets Mr. Dodge’s notes apart is the fact that he was quite the doodler. Included in his notes are doodles of his professors and fellow students, transcripts of bars of popular music, animals, human legs, and a vignette of a young man and woman dancing. Shown here are images from volume 3.

. MSS Class Notes Collection.
HOLLIS Catalog: 002201239
Doodling, Class notes, Harvard Law School, Harvard University, Frederic Dodge



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