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54. Henry James's Date Book

Bad day again

Henry James

London, England; Rye, England, 1914

This pre-printed date book, “Walker’s Society Diary” for the year 1914, written in London and in Rye, Sussex, is one of 16 volumes of the novelist’s diaries and journals, which have been digitized as a group and can be seen through links in the finding-aid for James’s correspondence, photographs and journals.

James used his journals to work out plots, problems of narration and point of view, and kept the diaries to record addresses, appointments, and days, good and bad.

. MS Am 1094 Diaries vol. 15 .
HOLLIS Catalog: 008734407
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Submitted by John Plotz (not verified) on

Some of the novels that James dictated to Theodora Bosanquet are also at the Houghton; it might be nice to see one of this typed pages as well (sometimes with his markings) since they represent another form of (indirect) note taking: the prothetic notation of the typewriter, you might say.....

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